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Today’s low gross P.V.R. is not market driven, it's skill driven. Unfortunately, most talented Sales Consultants and Managers have never been trained to build desire and value or to close for both maximum closing % and gross P.V.R. They sell a lot of cars because they are driven, naturally gifted, and have a knack for developing relationship and rapport. We know people buy from people they like. This is where the industries “you either have it or you don’t” thinking came from.Continue Reading
The Automotive Sales Coach Indianapolis Training Co-Op will meet on April 14, 18, and 19Continue Reading
The ASC sales process training is NOT about selling cars. It is about selling more cars, creating more gross profit and making more money! It’s about creating your business within the dealership by building a bank of loyal lifetime customers that return again and again. It’s about reducing turnover by selling in a way that develops your team and makes them feel good about their profession.Continue Reading
“To succeed, try this suggestion for success: save 10 %, give 10%, work 10% harder!”Continue Reading
On Thanksgiving Day, 2015, the Green Bay Packers retired Bret Favre’s #4 Jersey. As aContinue Reading
“See this guy staring at you,  that’s the toughest opponent you’re ever going to haveContinue Reading
When I first started selling cars in 1986 I was given this advice, “Always haveContinue Reading
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