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Unlock a powerful driving force within yourself so you can enjoy your career, family, and especially LIFE!

What You Will Learn In Workshops

Understanding Today’s Buyer– Every buyer has 4 questions they must answer and 3 fears that must be overcome before they make a purchase. These questions and fears direct their shopping habits. When we understand our buyer’s fears and habits we can powerfully guide them through the process until we reach a Win-Win Agreement!

Understanding and Presenting Leasing- Leasing is key not only to our sales volume and gross today but also to our future sales. It is simply a finance tool that gives our buyer the new car they want, shorter finance term, and the opportunity for equity and ownership all while eliminating our biggest sales enemy-negative equity!

  • What is a Lease? (vs. regular financing)
  • How does it work? (the mechanics)
  • Why is it good for both our buyer and us? (Win-Win mutual benefits)

ASC creates confidence and gives your team the tools they need to successfully present a lease, answer common questions and overcome the buyer’s fears!

Overcome price and trade objections early in the sale. “What is your best price” and “How much is my trade worth” are two very common objections often used early in the sales process as defense mechanisms. Being prepared to Professionally address our customer’s concerns will help our customer and consultant be able to focus on selecting the right car. The buyer’s confidence in their selection sets the stage for a comfortable close.

Reset your buyers expectations on trade value: All of us naturally view our trades through a seller’s eye. Most of us are unreasonable about what we want for our trades and this creates friction during the Agree Step. Our goal is help our customers see their trade through a buyer’s eye. This will help reset their expectations and set the stage for a comfortable close.

Follow Up Unsold Guests to create Be-backs: NADA says 90% of guests are not contacted after an unsuccessful visit. It also states that 87% of guests that physically shop a dealership buy a car somewhere. Most Sales Consultant have never been trained to follow up. They don’t know what to say, they fear rejection and worse they don’t understand how hot the unsold guest is! ASC gives your team proven success models to follow so they have the confidence to make the call and skill to create a be-back appointment and sale!

Lease Renewal Training: The biggest benefit of leasing is also our biggest obstacle in renewals! Our customers love their car and many still have that “new car” feeling. Of course they do, that’s the benefit of leasing. The fact is buying the lease out looks attractive until we give our customer a look 2 or 3 years down the road. ASC teaches your team how to show empathy for your customer’s inclination to buy out their car and the confidence and skill to sell the benefits of a new lease.

Using Proven Sales Process Steps to Improve Results- Successful Closing and Negotiating are not about pressure and smooth salesmanship. They are about creating trust, value, and desire, professionally. What we do during the sales process deal has a great impact on how our customers feel about us, the car and the numbers. Our Sales Process is the “google map” to the sale. It is a collection of small goals that make our job-easier-faster-and better! When taken together they help us achieve our desired end result: a profitable sale and a happy customer for life! We give your team proven sales process and ensure they know:

  • What to do (sales steps)
  • Why do them (the benefit of each step)
  • How to do them with excellence (proven success models)

Turning Phone Ups into Profitable Deals- We call these “phone opportunities”. These are buyer leads NOT car leads. How we handle the call will not only effect our appointments and sales but also our profit! To turn Phone opportunities into profitable deals your team needs to understand the phone shopper and have a game plan. ASC gives your team a proven success model to stay off “best” price, overcome the shopper’s fears (paying too much and being pressured) and secure a professional appointment!

Reset your buyer’s expectations on price. The Internet has helped make car buying and selling transparent. Most manufacturers no longer use “MSRP” pricing. Today’s “Total Price” on the window sticker is a presentation of packaged cars, streamlined production and reduced dealership markup. In addition, most dealers offer up front pricing on line. It is important that buyers see the value direct from the manufacturer AND the value of our dealerships up front Internet market pricing before the Agree step.

Use a comfortable, no pressure Trial Close before we look at final numbers (Agree Step). The car is the star. The Trial Close is designed to ensure we have the right car, eliminate any product concerns, and reach a commitment to buy assuming the deal is agreeable! When our buyers fear of buying the wrong car is eliminated we can successfully reach a comfortable win-win agreement! Everyone wins, especially the buyer! They get the car they love and a deal they believe in!

7 Step Desking Process: Our Interaction with our Consultant at the Desk can make or break a deal and shape our Consultants THINKING and Habits (both good and bad)! ASC gives your management team a consistent and thoughtful desking process that will help close more deals, hang on to more gross, and build your bank of excited, loyal, lifetime customers. Most importantly, a thoughtful desking process sets consistent consultant expectations and helps develop your Consultants into powerful closers!

Win-Win Negotiating and Closing- ASC provides a proven, professional, principle based road map that will help your Consultants comfortably guide your customers through the Agree Step (negotiating process) to reach a Win-Win agreement. Our goal is a first pencil close eliminating the back and forth both customers AND consultants hate.

  • Increase your Closing % and 1st Pencil Close %
  • Maintain a fair profit (hold sale pricing and trade values)
  • Create excited, loyal, lifetime customers AND employees.

Your customers will walk away knowing they bought the right car (model, trim and equipment) and feeling good about the deal. Your Consultants will have pride in how they have benefited their customer and represented the dealership. Win-Win-Win.

Positively present the numbers and payment options.

What’s in your consultant’s mind will be in your customers! Most consultants haphazardly present the numbers, talk too much, and fear the buyer rejecting their deal. To reach a win-win agreement Consultants must believe in the deal they are presenting, be able to positively present the numbers and confidently ask for the deal!

Overcome price, payment and trade objections.

Most buyers will negotiate to ensure they are getting their best deal. How your consultants handle these negotiations determine your closing %, gross PVR and customer satisfaction. For example, we already know most buyers will ask for more for their trade, we prepare your consultants to positively reassure your buyers they are getting a great deal by looking not just at the trade but the whole deal.


David Lowe

A Professional Mentor who can help anyone with the right kind of will receive more from themselves than they ever thought possible

31 year Automotive veteran, shares the proven principles and success models he has learned, combined and developed to help your team reach their full God given potential. His training is real world, fast paced and proven to improve even the most experienced Sales Professionals!


–  Increased Confidence in their ability

–  Increased Consistency in their performance

–  Increased Commitment to their career

Video Testimonials

Watch the video to hear what dealers say about their Automotive Sales Coach

Better people, doing things better, creates better results

“At our Grand Opening tonite, there was a lot of thanks going around . But I want to THANK YOU for YOUR training that produced the sales that produced the new bldg!”

Bill Vickery
Sales Subaru

Bill Vickery – Sales Subaru

“I know you do not hear it often enough…..but thank you for all you do to help make the organization better. A true leader leads because that is what they do…..they do not have to be asked, they just take the initiative.”

Chad Kirchhoff
Director of Operations
Tom Wood Automotive Group

Chad Kirchhoff – Director

“I realize that most of them think only that they are becoming better sales people but I really realize the true goal to become the best person we can be. Your words, readings, teachings and expectations of help me become a better man husband, father, friend and leader.”

Matt Kennedy
VW Sales

Matt Kennedy – VW Sales

“Your energy and enthusiasm keeps me engaged and interested. Best training I’ve ever been through. thank you!”

Matt Foster
Dealer Associate

Matt Foster – Dealer Associate

“Fantastic training! I love the used car value story I saw immediate results with my customers on the second day of boot camp. The ASC process feels so natural to follow and put into practice.”

Matthew Grigsby
Dealer Associate

Matthew Grigsby – Dealer Associate

“I really love the natural flow of the selling process you have created, understanding the customers needs and letting them guide us.”

Tonnie Addison
Dealer Associate

Tonnie Addison – Dealer Associate

“I love the energy and optimism that your training brought to organization. I also like that your method encourage us to explore ways to personally improve.”

Dealer Associate

Kelly – Dealer Associate

“Quite possibly the best training sessions I’ve ever been a part of in 20 years it showed me also that I don’t know everything about selling. I’m building rapport with all my customers but sometimes struggle with closing by using your steps in trouble closing more this will get better.”

Dealer Associate

Gary – Dealer Associate

“My sales staff has embraced the training, and applied what they’ve learned. It has already helped us close deals, plus our gross profits have increased. I appreciate all you do.”

Ed Scholar

Ed Scholar – GM

“Rarely do you find a professional who’s true passion is the success of others. It’s human instinct to want it all for yourself, but Dave’s training teaches other professionals that you cant sell anyone unless you love everyone! I am a better manager and more efficient human being today because of Dave’s push for excellence!”

Stephan Adams
Finance Manager

Stephan Adams – FM

“Hey Sir !! Its David Southern from Subaru . I wanted to thank you, last month was my best month in four years & I believe your training was the primary reason. Thanks! Hey Sir ! Its David Southern again.

I wanted to let you know I have just been promoted to sales manager at Subaru. Thank you again for all your guidance. Hey Sir. We just had our ” Grand Opening ” yesterday . We owe a lot of thanks to you!”

David Southern
Tom Wood Subaru

David Southern – Manager

“Just wanted to share with you how refreshing yesterdays teaching was. It was like water on dry parched soil. I remember when I came to work at Lexus and attended your trainings last winter how much I was learning and how I loved coming to work each day. But as you taught, be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. If you don’t renew, you will conform. Sorry to say I have conformed, I have become weary from fighting what seemed to be a losing battle.

Thanks for the hope that you give in a crazy world of sales. I also wanted to share with you how many of my fellow sales consultants commented on how we “Lexus” is suppose to be the superior product but we don’t have the joy and energy that you feel with you walk in the VW showroom. Thank you for the change your are making in TOM WOOD sales world. The change is so evident in your sales floor. Thanks for sharing the story of the Tower of Babel. It gives me hope to know that if we become a team we can make a difference.”

Anna Keck
Sales Consultant
Tom Wood Lexus

Anna Keck – Sales Consultant

“David is hands down the best sales trainer I’ve ever been involved with in my 30 years in the car business. He is the only person that has the unique ability to not only train in class but also follow through on the show floor to ensure high level accountability. Most trainers say they can carry out actual change and improvement but in reality, they don’t or can’t.

David has a proven track record of bottom line improvement and it’s significant. He is superior at not only sales training but also Leadership training, which to me is a “must have” factor for true improvement of the front line team. He also is a class individual with extremely high moral standards.”

Tim Carter
Operating Partner/GM
RB Honda

Tim Carter – OP/GM

“#1 RB Honda – first time in over a DECADE!!” “David, you helped us earn this and I wanted to share with you! Thank you for your help!” “Moving mountains and developing a ton of people to become better mentors – this is HUGE!

I am so happy that David is creating a following, he is truly inspiring! Your continuous support and ability to help our team stay engaged. They really appreciate you being able to answer their questions (especially Val one of our top performers.)”

RB Honda

Jessica – GSM

“In the short time that we have had David on board, we have seen improvements in our sales process, increase in gross profit and overall morale.

David teaches our sales staff how to do the basics brilliantly in a process that creates customers for life. My sales people, sales manager and I have enjoyed David coming in to our store. It has given us a new hunger for selling cars at a time when we thought we knew everything there was to know and I feel that he is going to take our store to the next level, from good to great.

Through repetition of the proper sales process, understanding the purpose of the process, and knowing that you are serving the customer in the best possible way, we will attain the results we desire. Our stores have used several of the big trainers in our industry and I would say that David is by far the best value for your investment in your employees.”

Nick Dellen
Dellen Chevrolet Buick GMC
Dellen Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Nick Dellen – President

``Confidence is contagious and so is lack of confidence and your customer will recognize them both.`` - Vince Lombardi

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